[HN] Data Scientist

Things happen very quickly and data scientists have a big impact at GHTK. We manage massive amounts of data on millions of orders a week and have complex and interesting issues that need to be solved: customer behaviors and delivery market insights increasing sales, speed of shipping, saving delivery time & cost, innovate some phase of our delivery procedures, creating many operational KPI statistics.

At GHTK, data scientists are who help others make data-driven decisions. Data scientists
involved in every step of GHTK product’s life cycle & our business administrations.

1/ Responsibilities of a data scientist:
– Data-mining and data analysis;
– Provide intelligent data analysis systems, software solutions based on Big Data and
Machine learning;
– Develop and implement strategic business plan based on data;
– Develop new insights and drive planning of new products and features of shipping
solution and shipping service;
– Provide daily support for data-related problems, study customer behaviors and delivery
market insights increasing sales, provide solutions for increasing sales, speed of shipping,
saving cost, innovating operational procedures;
– Propose solutions and strategies to business challenges;
– Participate in the implementation of service assistance.

2/ Qualifications and Competencies
– BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field; graduate degree in Data
Science or other quantitative field is preferred;
– Strong understanding of Descriptive statistics learning and inferential statistics: statistical
tests, distributions, maximum likelihood estimators, bayesian inferential, etc;
– Have great data intuition and knowledge of/ skill in Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine
learning, Deep learning;
– Have experience in Big Data, Data-Warehouse, BI, Data-mining;
– Strong knowledge of and experience in working with Distributed system
– Have a good command of programming R, Python, Scala/Java (Spark ML, Spark
Streaming, H2O) and proficient in Hadoop Ecosystem/ tools is preferable;
– Capable of researching on new technology;
– Logical thinking, detail oriented, strong organizational skills;
– Ability to multi-task and work independently under tight deadlines;
– Strong analytical and problem solving skills;
– Good at communicating, both to other data scientists and non-technical people.

3/ Package
Starting salary: 1000-1500 USD/month;
Other benefits: As by Law.

4/ How to apply
To apply for the Data Scientist, please send us your Covering Letter, Resume and Academic
Transcripts to email: talent.acquisition@ghtk.vn/ anhntt3@ghtk.vn
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