[HN] Growth Project Executive

GHTK is a fast growing last-mile delivery company and we are executing a big business development  project to achieve breakthrough growth.

We are looking for Growth Project Executive position, which takes responsible for executing some parts of project, works under the Growth project receiving directly advisory supervision of Project Leader and have chances to consult directly daily and weekly with the Board of Directors to ensure the project’s growth objectives.

Growth Project executive tasks will collaborate with many teams throughout the company: Data team, Product Development team, IT team, Advertising team, Sales team, Partnership and Customer services team, Recruiting & Trainings, etc. just to achieve explosive growth through new and out-of-the-box approaches or marketing campaigns. The successful one will be a multi-task, industrious person with eagerness to complete all the tasks assigned by leader by the deadlines throughout the project.

 A  Growth Project Executive will undertake one of the following major tasks to achieve the breakthrough growth target for GHTK in 2019 (You can take charge of several or all of them, depending on project progress and your ability)
– Support project leader in remote managing regional business development units: recruiting and training;
– Discuss, coordinate with other departments such as Data team, IT team, Opts team, etc. in some tasks and facilitate, push all the teams to ensure project timeline and to meet the growth objectives;
– Together with Project Leader and other Departments, contribute to formulate/ build strategic development plans;
– Carry out market researches, process data, reports if necessary;
– Carry out all the Ad-hoc tasks of the project as assigned by Project Leader;
– Unlimited development space: have chance to choose the department or sector you want to develop in, the project leader will consider if you can prove your capacity.

 We’re looking for someone that’s intelligent, hard-working, ambitius and:
– Be a quick learner, open-minded, willing to learn new knowledge, new skills;
– Have a strong sense of project coordination, project deadlines, aggressive enough to complete the task, meet the objective;
– Ability to multi-task and work independently under tight deadlines;
– Desire to develop deeply in one of the following fields: management, strategy, marketing or data analysis;
– Have orientation to develop in E-commerce, E-Logistics, Supply Chain industry is an advantage;
– Be graduate or fresh graduate from top universities such as FTU, NEU, FPT, AOF, AOB, RMIT, DAV,.. with not more than 03 years’ working experience.

 – Starting salary: 300 – 600 USD/month, periodical review and salary increase by capacity;
– Be empowered, self-determined and have enough space for self-development;
– Receive on-the- job training, in-house training as well as external training and have chance to organize class and express yourself;
– Employee benefits (Well- paid, International medical insurance packages and Promotion);
– Other benefits: As by Law.

 To apply for the Growth Project Executive, please send us your CV, Covering Letter, Transcript to: talent.acquisition@ghtk.vn/hoaipm@ghtk.vn with topic: GPE_Your Name (CV in Vietnamese is also accepted).Contact: ​0246 651 9243
Add: VTV Building, No. 8 Pham Hung street, Me Tri ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Ha Noi.